To produce versatile pupils/ students infused with deep values and principles, of an enterprising capacity, efficient in their performance, able to face challenges, can extend help to others, and capable of being promoters of change for a better society and the world.


To give an excellent start in education by incorporating values into the teaching programs to produce pupils/ students filled with great faith and trust in God, developing the whole personality to the best of their individual abilities and enabling them to use English as if their first language.

School Philosophy

Starland International School as an institution adheres to its motto, “Soaring high is the best way to experience the edge of excellence.” It believes in the following guiding principles:

That the high academic standards can be achieved through mastery of the basic learning skills and by challenging our learners to use and to develop their talents to the fullest;

That sense of responsibility can be fully developed by encouraging our learners to work independently and cooperatively with others in a more respectful manner;

That involvement in service can be realized by making our learners become aware of the needs of others and by reaching out, sharing and helping their fellowmen;

That joining a community or group will greatly help the learners create a family atmosphere in school; and

That having a great faith and trust in God, the learners will always find themselves celebrating in prayers, in songs and in stories.

Thrusts of the School

To Teach (raise IQ – Intelligence Quotient) ensures the achievement of balance by nurturing learner’s performance in both academic and extra-curricular activities

To Touch (EIQ – Emotional Intelligence Quotient) fosters a strong teacher-learner connection to help children process their feelings to cope with pressures and demands, and to control his/her thoughts as well as actions; handles emotional health issues, expresses emotional needs, and addresses the same by making time for discussions with parents

To Transform (AQ – Adversity Quotient) commonly known as the science of resilience refers to the ability of an individual to deal with adversities in his or her life. This trains the learner to achieve first-rate accomplishments, productivity, and creativity. In this global perspective, career success and life achievements are not just a combination of IQ and EQ, but it also needs AQ to get through into the real world. The stronger the AQ, the more effective the learner will respond to adversity, and the less life's events will take a toll on their energy, performance, health, and outlook.